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Local Sites

Look around - Lookout Mountain offers a host of natural wonders as well as local historical sites. 

DeSoto Falls on Little River was built to provide electric power to communities around the mountain. Today its purpose is recreational and a vivid reminder of the need to protect wild rivers. It is a part of DeSoto State Park. 

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Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel is a testament to abiding love. The chapel is built around a massive rock. It was constructed by attorney Milford Howard, an important figure in Mentone's history, as a tribute to his late wife Sallie, even as his own health was failing. 

St. Joseph's on-the-Mountain Episcopal Church was originally a log cabin and the church building has grown around it. The log cabin dated around 1870 had been the home of the Simmie Sherman Vernon family. 


Over the years mainly through building done by volunteers and without financial help from the Diocese, the building shaped into a church with construction materials including wood reclaimed from old buildings of the same vintage as the log cabin.

The original log house which remains had served as a residential family home for 100 years.  Descendents of these families still live in the Mentone area. The log cabin was restored in memory of Frances Freeman Berry, nephew of Martha Berry, founder of the Berry School in Rome, GA. Many of the furnishings were donated to St. Joseph's.

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Brow Park overlooks Valley Head and Little Ridge, with a view of Sand Mountain. Visitors and locals visit the park for picnics or to watch the sunset.

The Mentone Educational Resources Foundation (MERF) is a community center on the east side of Mentone. In 2020, MERF received a grant from the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama to fund enhancements to its quarter mile walking track and the surrounding area. Visit the track and enjoy the art installation fence of over 400 pickets individually painted by area residents and visitors. 

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